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Bringing Internal Communications to life

Cordis Video is the first video production house to focus only on internal business communications. We use practical creativity, high quality production and technology to deliver stunning films that inspire and inform.

Quite simply, you can now choose to deliver business messages in a format that engages your audience and drives organisational change.

We offer a full suite of video production services from initial research and pre-production right through to filming and delivery.

Safe hands

We use tried and tested production approaches, learnt through years of industry experience (both in-house and client-side), to deliver content that will motivate, move and entertain your audience.

We make video more accessible (both financially and logistically), so companies can use it regularly as part of their integrated communications strategy. By delivering high value, cost effective solutions within a simple set of buying options you can budget precisely for what you want - no more, no less. Projects range from punchy 30-second clips of management keeping staff in the picture to a five-minute bells and whistles corporate brand overview delivered through interactive CD-Rom, DVD or online.

Cordis Video is part of the Cordis Group. Since 2000 this dynamic young group has earned a reputation for its successful (and award winning) campaigns. Clients include Rolls-Royce, British Gas, ICI, Office Depot and WH Smith.

Getting personal

Effective internal communication is the lifeblood of any successful business - and is absolutely critical for any organisation going through change. We're passionate about the impact video can make within just about any business or organisation.

It is important to point out that Internal Communications is quite a different discipline to marketing and public relations. We excel in delivering business messages linked to organisational strategies to large numbers of employees. It's what we do all day, every day. Horses for courses really.

In these days of media overload, a one-off campaign or annual corporate video just won't cut the ice. And you don't need a business guru to tell you business is all about people talking to people.

Film done well is compelling. Music, mood, setting, feel, body language, voice and eye contact, polished graphics and a strong story line enable you to make a real and lasting connection with your employees.

People to people communications is what we're all about.

The Cordis Collective
Since the beginning we've used our unique combination of communications, creative, technical and production disciplines to deliver high value solutions to many respected international companies.

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