Channel Management

Staying on track

Internal Communications differs from PR and marketing because you are responsible for the media as well as the message.

You have to create or control the various channels and prioritise, co-ordinate and distribute requests from all departments of your company.

Unless Internal Communications are well-planned and executed, your employees become overwhelmed, money is wasted on content creation and critical messages get lost in traffic.

If you also factor in challenges like company restructures, acquisitions and remote working there is every chance of employees falling through the communications net. Effective channel strategy is critical.

Cross channel thinking

The sensible starting point for revitalising Internal Communications is to measure your channels to gain a deeper understanding of your communications infrastructure and highlight likely black spots.

At Cordis Video, we're able to provide in depth audits across all channels - not just video.

Before we formed Cordis Video, our team had over 20 years of experience working both in-house and agency-side for some of the UK's largest multi-nationals - including Lloyds TSB, British Gas, Rolls-Royce, HSBC and AIG. We understand companies and company cultures.

Mapping your company

We begin our audit process by creating a visual map of your organisation. This map is then overlaid with a communications map of your existing infrastructure.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis is then used to measure the strength and effectiveness of that network.

Finally, we pull all of this information together and come back with a comprehensive report of our findings. These include full recommendations on improving or restructuring your network to ensure your channel strategy is delivering maximum value.

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