Video Production

Make the call to make the film

The Cordis Video production service is a complete solution. You only need to pick up the phone to get the ball rolling.

We will work with you through every aspect of the project - from initial briefing and storyboarding, to filming, editing, and final rollout to your employees.

No project is too big or too small to benefit from the same tried and tested processes to ensure maximum quality at the lowest possible price.

The key stages of our video production service include:


This is the foundation of any video project. Cutting corners here or making mistakes can cause problems to snowball in the later stages of production. It is for this reason that we always insist on a full pre-production schedule for all projects. It ensures a quality video, but also allows us to control the process so that work is delivered on budget and on time.

At the pre-production stage, you can expect the following:

  • Written summary of brief
  • Treatment/proposal
  • AV script and/or question development
  • Call sheet
  • Shot list
  • All logistical elements relating to crew/actors/VO artists/equipment and travel

In addition our more complex packages will include some of the following additions:

  • Sourcing of media assets (soundtrack and imagery)
  • Recce


This is the "capture" phase where we go out and gather footage. Either on location, in an office or a professional TV studio, the rules are the same - Follow the pre-production planning; get footage as close to the script as possible; and be ready to improvise - often in video the best things are unplanned. During this filming stage, you can expect the following:

  • Filming with an experienced cameraman and the same producer who completed the pre-production to ensure continuity.
  • A basic set of professional lighting, sound and camera equipment appropriate to the production.

In addition our more complex packages will include some of the following extras:

  • Filming with additional camera men either to capture a live event or multiple angles to create a more dynamic edit
  • Separate sound man for challenging locations (typically outdoors)
  • Separate camera assistant for helping with complex equipment i.e. track
  • Advanced equipment including Steadicam and Autocue


This is where everything comes together and is the easiest stage if the pre-production and filming have been done correctly. This stage is broken down into four distinct parts:

First comes capturing and cataloguing where the video footage is transferred from the cameras to the edit suite and organized into clips ready for the edit. This is a critical stage as it speeds up the rest of the edit.

Second comes the "rough cut" or "build" phase. Following the AV script completed in pre-production, the editor works with the producer/director to create a first draft for client viewing. At this stage content, structure and narrative are all there, however sound levels and colour correction will not be done. This is all about the content and not the look.


After the rough cut, we pause the post-production briefly to get customer feedback and input. Even though the script will already have been signed-off, this is a chance to make changes or amends. All changes will be incorporated where possible free of charge, however we do reserve the right to charge additional fees IF an amendment is due a change in brief or some other situation fundamentally unrelated to Cordis Video.

Post-Production (cont.)

Finally we do the polishing. Sound levels are balanced, colours are corrected and filters (effects) added. It is not efficient from a production perspective to do this stage until all content has been finalized. A copy of this version is always supplied to clients before final delivery, however this is not an approval stage as all content should be sign-off already. It is an opportunity for minor tweaks and amends on the polishing work that has been completed after the Approval stage.


Following completion of the project, duplication and distribution is taken care of. At this stage you can expect two DVD masters free of charge, with bulk duplication/replication available at highly competitive rates. Online hosting or preparation for web can also be provided.