Creating Impact

There may be no substitute for a brilliant face-to-face presentation, but video is a worthy alternative. All those politicians and movers and shakers looking down the lens into your living room can't be wrong.

They know video is an emotional as well as a factual medium. Facts are not forgotten if a film engages you emotionally with humour, drama or simply personal delivery. It's the basis of the advertising industry.

Corporate video has grown exponentially on television, your computer screen and now on your iPod (Trademark of Apple Corporation) and mobile phone.

Simple really. A well-produced video delivers impact. Make the right film with the right people and you'll get your message across.


Key fact:

YouTube is an excellent example of people's emerging thirst for video content. Every day 100 million videos are viewed and 65,000 new clips are added to the website. It boasts 20million unique users (3.5million of them are British) every month and is estimated to account for 60% of all videos watched online.