But doesn't video cost an arm and a leg?

How long is a piece of string? What's your budget? What are your expectations? Cordis Video can demonstrate how cost effective professionally produced video can be. In fact, we can prove to you that it's a false economy not to use video.

Firstly, we use the most advanced technology. Secondly, we can do it all in-house. Thirdly, we are experts at Internal Communications and can put together a script or storyboard that makes every frame count.

How can you be sure? Quantitative and qualitative research of communication channels has proven the power of video. Over and over.

And you prove the point every time you switch on the box to watch your favourite programme.


Key fact:

In the UK, the corporate video industry is already worth £3billion. That's five times the British film industry and three times the video games industry. Time you got on board?